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pica or pika?

Posted: September 26, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I have this sign on my wall at work –

Anti Pica

In the past graphic designers used a standard of measurement called a “pica.” It’s pretty old school now, but I still occasionally receive files set with picas. While working on one such file one day I remarked to my coworker that there was a rodent called a pika… and the sign was born.

So today I was talking to one of my paper reps… and he asked if it was pronounced “pika” or “peeka.” I said the standard of measurement was “pika” but maybe the animal was pronounced…

It then dawned on me that my little pika friend looks like pikachu.


Clever japanese. All they did was make his ears pointy and give him a lightning bolt tail. That and he’s yellow. I mean, I knew Charmandar was clearly based on a salamander, and JigglyPuff is some sort of Little Debbie food byproduct… but this was quite a revelation. To think he’s made millions of dollars off children who have never heard of a pika. What a travesty. It also explains why he’s yelling “PEEKA!” all the time in Super Smash Brothers.