About Creative Anomalie

[creative anomalie = sarah schumacher]

Creative Anomalie is my freelance graphic design [print] business, which is essentially a one-designer ad agency.  Although not yet my full time job, that is the goal within a few years, and I am currently in the process of becoming an LLC.  As it is I have more freelance work than I can handle without making it a full time job at the moment anyhow.

A little about me…
I have a passion for design and creativity. By which I mean I eat, drink, and breathe anything that involves the act of creating.  I also have this inate ability to sit in front of a macintosh for 10+ hours a day, which explains why I do this for a living.

I work in pre-press. [“The process of preparing digital files for printing.”]  In other words, I fix mistakes made by other “designers”  But fortunately I work at a small print shop, which means I also get to make coffee.

I am laid back and up front. both in personality and work habit.  While always looking to be innovative, I believe that form should equal function.

Personally… I am married to the most amazing guy in the world, we have a psycho 6 month old Siberian Husky [Zephyr], two crazy twin kittens [Jaeger & Jasper] that team up with him to destroy things, an annoyed older cat [Moses], and a gecko [Xander] who helps me work and never gets into anything.  We are COMPLETELY remodeling our house [as in moving walls] so things are always chaotic and we have funny stories.  In addition to anything graphic design, I love gauges, tattoos, spiky hair, off-white walls, art, music, odd numbers and Yoda.  I play bass guitar and have an obsession with designer furnishings and cars – currently the Infiniti G35 coupe, although the 5.0 Fox body mustang has long been my achievable ideal [yes, really].

This blog is more a way for me to rant about things… vent, if you will, than anything else.  That and post design goodies that I find from my travels throughout the wonderful world of cyberspace.

  1. Julie says:


    Checked out your website. I like it! Would love to maybe form a small group to meet every other week to help each other out with accountability and fun ideas. You in???

  2. creativeanomalie says:

    Haha oh wow… Um it looks like you went to creativeanomalie.wordpress.com which was an experiment years ago to familiarize myself with the WordPress platform… Hehe. My actual website is at http://www.creativeanomalie.com 😉 Although I am actually rebuilding that one it at least is sort of current. Well, not really ha (no recent work).

    But yes, I would be up to getting together every couple weeks or so… I was actually thinking about that for after the class ends that it could be cool to keep something going.

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